Compulsively attentive mobile responsive web development, using CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery; with a little help from WordPress. Based in Sheffield, England.

Skills & The Process

I've been refining my skill-set to home in on what's best suited to getting the job done quickly and effectively

Skill One


The first step of the process is planning. Before I begin building I first carefully plan out how best to implement a design; based on design attributes such as elements which should be global, and which are local only to a single page. I believe that thoughtful planning can save hours of time of development, making the process cheaper, and is therefore one of the most important steps to take.

Skill Two


The development stage is the fun part, particularly for the client. This is the part where the site begins to come to life. Using the most up to date technologies such as jQuery, Javascript, AJAX, PHP, HTML5, and CSS3 allows your site to become almost anything. Varying from your standard 1 page website, to a myriad of interactive features and pages which look perfect on any device.

Skill Three

Quality Assurance

It has been said, jokingly, that the last 10% of a project requires as much effort as the first 90%. However I believe that to be true. To truly call a project complete it must be meticulously examined under a fine-tooth comb. If I'm not proud of a project I wouldn't expect a client to be happy with it.


I've selected a few websites I've had the pleasure of working on to showcase an array of different styles

Toronto Popcorn Company

WordPress, Mobile Responsive, E-Commerce, SSL


WordPress, Mobile Responsive

Xprt Integration

WordPress, Mobile Responsive

Glam and Fame

WordPress, Mobile Responsive, E-Commerce, SSL


WordPress, Mobile Responsive

International Aviation Marketing

Drupal, Mobile Responsive


Bootstrap, Mobile Responsive


Custom Code, Mobile Responsive

Mika Audio

WordPress, Mobile Responsive, E-Commerce

A bit about me


If you hadn't guessed; this picture isn’t of me. I don’t particularly like taking selfies. But if I did, this is (probably) what it would look like.

So, a bit about me. I read Law at Sheffield Hallam University. During my time here I decided that though I did enjoy parts of the course, it was most likely not the right career plan for me. Therefore, although I did go on to finish the course, I decided to head down a different path. Knowing this during my studies I began making the move to becoming a web developer, prior to my graduation.

I have been working commercially as a web developer, primarily focusing on the Front-End, since two months after I graduated university in 2013. However, as time has progressed so has my skillset, and I have learnt more and more about Back-End technology, as well as enough about linux to allow me to set up and manage both my own, and my current employers', servers.

When I'm not coding, or learning to code, I can usually be found either at the gym (if I make it!), with friends, playing one of many games, or even more likely, in the pub.

If you'd like to see my CV feel free to click here for a word document or click here for a PDF.

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